Picture Speaks A Thousand Words: Tips For Church Photography

There is more to a church website than just the content. To ensure that your church website development project achieves its goal of promoting your mission in the best way possible, you need a stock of some high quality digital images that speaks volumes, and conveys an inspirational massage. Because when words fail, your photography will be a testament of your vision.

One of the most common mistakes made is when churches and website developers underestimate the significance of good photography. Here are some tips for great church photography:

1.     Go For Candid Shots

The sign of a great church website is its ability to capture its people. Remember, your home page should consist of some good shots of your congregation, rather than the church building. This portrays the church’s culture as people-oriented, compassionate, and community-friendly. Avoid images that are mug shots of individuals staring into the camera, in an awkward fashion. Instead, capture your community performing an activity- during a prayer meeting, a charity event, working together, etc.

2.     The Style Of The Photography Should Be Consistent

Every photograph has a point of focus- the emotional message that the image wants to convey. When capturing shots, try retaining the consistency. Using more than 2 photographers will give you numerous great photographs, but they will each have a different vision, which may cause some level of discrepancy.

3.     Portray Diversity

The church never discriminates. Therefore, celebrate diverse ethnicity! This will portray your church in a positive light, sending out the right message. Take a variety of images of kids, adults, different races- all of whom are working together. Avoid focusing on a specific group of individuals.

4.     Show Some Happy Faces!

Most people don’t realize this, but as humans, we have a tendency to subconsciously accept and reject an idea, based on the vibes or aura we get from it. If your website portrays images of grimacing or blank-faced individuals, the viewer may immediately negatively associate with it. It is essential you show images that are emotionally uplifting.

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