Engaging Your Congregation

For any church, engaging with the congregation is vital for the achievement of its mission. While the significance of physical presence for effective engagement is essential, the virtual possibilities cannot be discounted. Your professional website design is only as valuable as its ability to engage the audience!

So, what aspects so you need to add to bring in the audience? How to inspire the faith within? And how can you build the hope? You can do all that with your church website! Here’s what you need to take into consideration:

Highlight The Mission

Your church mission is the purpose and driving force. It’s your way to communicate to your audience why you exist. Here’s a great tip about mission statements: they must be passionate! Let it touch the skies. People need a reason to believe in you. Give them that reason in your mission statement, and make sure it’s visible on your website!

Don’t Be Afraid To Provide Tough Answers

While most churches are bent on being politically right, and diplomatically vague, take the initiative to answer the tough questions that your congregation is looking for. In this challenging world, your people want the solution to some difficult situations. If your website provides the answers to some spiritually significance ideas, you are enlightening and inspiring their faith.

Include All Events & Trends

One way to get people to be more involved in the works of God is by letting them know about it first! By providing a regular feed of news, a calendar of events and the upcoming prayer meetings, you are encouraging and facilitating their participation. Keep your website updated, and your congregation informed!

Daily Prayers

Do you want to encourage a Christian lifestyle? Inspire your people to a life of prayers. In one section, talk about some of the best psalms, stories and prayers for different situations: for success in a task, for inner strength, getting through difficulty, revival of faith, sickness and health, and so on. Provide contact details and a “prayer box”. This will encourage a two-way communication with the parishioner.

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