You’ve Developed Your Church Website: What Next?

In the purgatory of post-development, we’ve come across plenty of evils. Some warrant forgiveness; others, not so much; lack of synchronization among web pages, rampant inconsistencies and horrendous and over-the-top designs. But there is one kind of neglect that we address today, which is perhaps the most common of them all: the inability of churches to UPDATE their website on a periodic basis.

A Site Not Updated Looks Unprofessional

Let’s face it. For all those who have not visited your church personally will judge it by its online representation, which is your website. Old information can be quite misleading. Imagine for instance, if you’ve postponed an event, and have failed to update it on your website. The fact that your followers may wrongfully arrive at the venue can be quite aggravating and inconvenient. Not to mention it makes you look bad. For a church, its credibility is paramount.

So, Why After All The Talks Of Importance Is ‘Updating’ Still An Issue?

There is a very simple reason to why this is a pressing issue. Due to the dynamic nature of the workings in a ministry, keeping up with the events and happenings becomes a challenge altogether.

Furthermore, if that weren’t enough, it is the added technological know-how for the updating process. Password protections, limited access, logging in, chain of command for updating are other factors that need to be taken into consideration. Sounds a bit overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be.

Spearheading “Project Upgrade Of Church Website”

To overcome the challenge of updating the website, we recommend the following simple tips:

  • Hire a team of a few responsible individuals who will be in charge of keeping abreast with the changes.
  • A church ministry manager should approve all changes.
  • Delegate a college grad or full time parishioner to oversee the core upgrade of the website. This individual will have access to pass codes.
  • The approved changes should be sent over to the church website developer in charge who will manage the website account.

With these simple steps, you have created an efficient team who will constantly upgrade your website!

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