Promote Your Website: How Can You Gain Visibility?

You may have spent a fair amount of dollars to get your website up and running; not to mention the time invested in helping Church Dev professionally customize your website to reflect the mission of your ministry. But what’s the point of the state of the art innovative features if it’s not visible to your congregation?

With technology as your loyal friend, you have within your grasp the opportunity to spread the word of the Lord and grow your church. How do you get your website out there and in front of millions of potential followers? Here is how:

1. Jesus Is King, But Content Might Be The Prince…

As an experienced church website developer, Church Dev can guarantee the success of great content. While we focus to help present you with the best designs and layout, combined with your words, the website can do wonders in attracting an audience. As a pastor, you can take advantage of our blogging section to deliver inspirational sermons and ideologies of the church. Reach out to the souls out there!

2. SEO: The Next Phase Of Good Content…

For those who aren’t so familiar with the SEO jargon, let’s break it down a bit. Search Engine Optimization is the process whereby, with the strategic use of keywords and good content, websites can enhance their searchability or visibility on search engines, like Google. Sounds pretty interesting, huh? So what does this mean for you? With the use of specific keywords, like “Evangelist Church California”, you could appear on top 10 search results of Google if someone types in “churches in California”.

3. Market In Footer OR Signature Of Emails

As soon as your website has been uploaded, begin marketing its launch. You certainly make use of emails. Insert it in the footer as a link, along with other contact information.

4. Add In All Publication Items

Do you have any weekly or monthly newsletters, bulletins, pamphlets being published? If yes, then here’s your opportunity for some free advertisement and publicity. Remember, this can be an extremely strategically advantageous move. By diverting the audience to your website, you are allowing your church a cost benefit of discontinuing a printed publication, and opting for an online one instead!

Church Dev is your ultimate church website development expert with over 30 years of combined web design experience. With a wide range of functional, innovative and customized designs, we develop a website that helps churches connect with their congregation, and help their ministries to grow.

Any more questions on growing your ministry through your website? Get in touch with us! Email us at or call us on out Toll Free number 877-702-3656!

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