Think Before You Speak: Making Your Church Web Content Compelling

A pen is more potent than the sharpest, most lethal sword. A simple saying that in a way states beautifully what we’re about to elaborate on. How often have you visited a church website and read a very dispassionate text about the church? The problem with that is, it just didn’t appeal to you on an emotional and spiritual level! As men and women of faith, or lack of it, we need something that is enthralling and is a reflection of our ideology. Is your church website communicating that via the content you post? As a church website development company, we aim to provide you with nothing short of the best. Here are some tips on creating compelling content that captures the reader’s and your congregation’s interest:

  1. Refrain From Using Jargons

Among people who are most likely to visit your website, are individuals looking to join your mission. Using biblical jargons that are difficult to comprehend will fail to do the very thing that you’ve built the website for: to connect with the audience. For that reason, use simpler terms that people are familiar with.

  1. Use Attractive Formats

Your focus should be to make the text more readable. Use of headers, bullet points and different text style is one of the ways that creates a good experience for the reader. Texts that are developed in a form of clutter, with no paragraph breaks can be frustrating for readers, since they may have to strain their eyes to read on.

  1. Shorter Sentences

When developing content, simplicity is the way to go! Remember, you are developing your website, with all its content, for the readers and congregation members, not the other way round. So refrain from long and complicated statements.

  1. Make It Passionate!

If you’re asking people to believe in your mission, you need to inspire them to do so! And your website content is the ideal way to preach your church’s purpose. Give people a reason to believe you. Just like the sermons from your pastor or priest, allow your content to be testament of your fervor for the Christian faith.

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