What Should Your “Giving Back” Page Look Like?

About 84% of individuals in North America alone are active internet users. For churches, this means that there are approximately 108,096,800 individuals who have the resources to make an online donation for your church’s cause. While not everyone will be making contributions, it remains a factor of significance that your website has enabled you such massive reach. The question however, is how do you inspire people to go that extra mile and make a small contribution?

The Book of Corinthians states that we should give out of will, and not compulsion, for God loves the cheerful giver. Therefore, as your experienced church website builder, we provide you some tips on how you, along with our guidance, can design your “Giving Back” page:

Tip 1: A Compelling Opening Statement

The best way to make a lasting impression is at the very beginning. That’s where the impact is most! Start by talking about the religious implications of contributing to the works of God. Furthermore, also provide them with a description of where the contributions would be utilized. People like knowing if their money has been making a difference in someone’s life.

Tip 2: Take Advantage Of The Power Of Images & Videos

While there is no doubt your words can influence, real people with real stories convey the message in the most heart-warming way. Don’t just “write” about the good that the contributions will do; put together some captivating images or videos of individuals or communities who will benefit from the monetary contributions.

Tip 3: Provide The Various Modes Of Making Contributions

Perhaps you’re looking to receive assistance in more than just monetary sense? A community service project volunteer needs? Mentorship projects? Gifts in form of food ration? Whatever the options, provide helpful and complete information that makes it easier for the willing contributor to take charitable measures.

And finally, don’t forget to provide an easy to reach contact number, in case people have questions regarding the program. Using these helpful insight, get in touch with Church Dev to help create an effective giving back system, that helps you grow. We help you establish your merchant and PayPal account for a smooth transaction!

Church Dev is one of the best church website builders, with over 30 years of combined web design experience. With a wide range of functional, innovative and customized designs, we develop a website that helps churches connect with their congregation, and help their ministries to grow. To get in touch with us, email us at or call us on out Toll Free number 877-702-3656!

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